Tips on How to Establish a Career as a Social Media Specialist

social media specialistWith the explosion of social media sites comes the demand for social media specialists. Nevertheless, with the cutthroat global competition for these high-paying jobs, it takes more than just the average social media butterfly or a skilled professional in social media marketing to become a successful and in-demand social media specialist.

Becoming a superstar social media expert requires a broad range of social and media skills, a great personality, and a passion for excellence. Although it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to be an A-list social media specialist, here are some top social media job secrets you need to keep in mind:

ü  Establish a strong social media presence in relevant social networking sites. Don’t just randomly make posts, update status, or collect insignificant friends or followers, but make sure to take a proactive stand. Make your presence felt and make sure to get involved and interact.

ü  Invest time and effort to learn about the business aspect of social media marketing and what tools and methods you can use to implement this. Be an expert on the social media field inside and out. Study the market, get to know each business type’s goals, and be alert for opportunities where you can practice your know-how.

ü  Learn how to talk to people on social media. There are tons of opportunities to meet different kinds of people online and when you do, take the time to know these people. Additionally, you need to build an audience in your social networking sites. This not only widens your popularity, but it can also be a valuable asset once you work for different companies.

ü  Always walk the talk. When you want to become a social media expert, make sure that you well-versed in social media and Internet marketing. Have proof that you are competent and you have the skills to bring the company’s brand to new heights.

Practicing these social media secrets will help propel your career as a social media specialist on top. Most importantly, grab any opportunity where you can practice your profession, whether it’s an internship, volunteer work, or an assistant position.

Where to Look for Social Media Jobs

find jobThe social media job market is at its boom this 2012. If you believe that you have the qualifications of an expert social media manager, you should definitely apply for this position. However, are you at a loss as to where to find these in-demand jobs?

It’s no social media secret that the best way to look for these types of positions is in online job sites. Yet, competition is very tough in online job sites that it will definitely be hard to qualify for a high-paying position if you do not have a lot of credentials, experience, and work portfolio under your name. Good thing there are a lot of other job resources where you can look for social media jobs.

Here are just a few resources for social media jobs:

  • Social media sites – where else can you find a plethora of social media jobs than in social media sites? Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be great social media job sources. With Twitter, you can follow companies who advertise social media positions. Job search can also be as simple as entering the right keywords in the Twitter search box. For Facebook, join online groups that relate to social media experts. The best way to establish a connection for possible social media job openings is thru LinkedIn, where social media professionals and clients converge.
  • Social media specialist associations/communities – if you’re not a part of any social media specialist online community, you’re missing out on a lot of job opportunities. These communities post any available social media opening on their job boards. Not only this, they also provide excellent peer support for other aspiring social media specialists.
  • Internships and volunteer work – by becoming an intern and doing volunteer work as a social media assistant, you not only open up learning opportunities, but you can also include this experience as part of your social media portfolio. Of course, it only stands to reason that you may eventually be recommended for a full time social media position should there be an opening.

Social Media Jobs: What You Need to Know?

social-media-what-you-need-to-knowSocial media jobs are on the fast rise this 2012, and in the next year, the demand for social media professionals is expected to continue to increase exponentially. The million dollar question is: are you qualified to be part of the growing pool of social media experts?

Even if you’re proficient in various social media sites because you make it a point to be online and active in almost all social media sites, a social media specialist is more than this. It takes expertise in social media know-how, a keen understanding of how the business aspect of social media works, and an outgoing personality to reach out to the customer base.

In order to be considered for a social media position, you must also possess the following qualities:

  • You have the ability to multitask and you are flexible.

Contrary to the belief that you are only there to log in and regularly update the company’s social media sites, a social media specialist’s responsibilities have a very wide scope. It requires you to be able to do multiple tasks, and you should have the ability to divide and conquer and work efficiently under pressure. You should also be flexible enough to assume any responsibility that the company might need you with regard to social media marketing.

  • You should have an outgoing personality.

When you are the frontrunner of your company’s online media branding, knowing how to reach out and establish rapport with customers, both existing and prospective ones, is very crucial.

  • You should be a team player.

Social media specialists usually work with different departments in the company. For one, there is a social media marketing team that is in-charge of the whole internet marketing campaign, and you should be able to work well with these individuals to ensure an effective social media campaign. You should learn how to lead and follow too.

Great skills and positive qualities are two of the social media secrets that will get you that dream job as a social media manager!


Secrets on How to Land a Social Media Job



As you might well know, social media jobs have become all the rage this 2012. You might actually hear a few colleagues talking about making a career change from the routinary 8-to-5 job to a more flexible social media-related job. If you yourself are contemplating about a career in social media, then now is the time to make a career change. Social media jobs are going stronger, and you should take this opportunity.

Aside from being social media savvy, there are a lot of other preliminary steps you can undertake to prepare yourself for the cutthroat competition in this job niche. Here are some social media job secrets that you can benefit from:

  • Since there isn’t any formal course in college for social media, hiring managers do not set a specific educational background for applicants. However, there is a way where you can have an edge against other social media specialist aspirants. You can take professional training programs and online courses so you can add a tangible skill related to social media to your resume. This also shows employers that you are truly driven and motivated in this field.
  • Showcase your skills using your social media profiles. What better way to show that you are a competent social media specialist than optimizing your social media accounts? Create professional social media accounts that are centered on a niche. For example, if you’re a health buff, you can set up a Twitter and Facebook page that discusses about anything related to a healthy lifestyle. You can create a Youtube page with videos related to exercising and fitness equipment. Anything that would set you apart from the mass applicants will be to your advantage.
  • Take internship positions. In the normal duration of things, there will always be others who are more experienced than you are. Should this be the case, learn to make some adjustments, and an accept internship position to help familiarize with the trade.

Social Media Job Description: Various Social Media Job Titles

socialmediajobtitlesWith the rise of social media networking as the most effective way to reach out to consumers real time, companies both small and large are now scrambling to hire social media teams to create an effective social media brand and campaign.

This is definitely good news for those individuals who are very adept at using social media sites, and those who have been actively participating in social media networking. Since there is no college course for a job description such as this, expertise and experience in the field would be your greatest assets. As well, there are also a lot of online courses and how-to guides on how to be an expert social media manager/consultant. Continue reading


Social media job secrets: How to ace a social media job

aceSocial media jobs are trending as the next in-demand career path, and this will continue be the trend for the following years since its effectiveness as a corporate marketing strategy is very tried and tested. Thousands of employers are more than ready to hire qualified individuals for this position, but the thousand dollar question is: will your resume make it on top of the applicants’ pile?


So, how do you qualify for a social media position? To answer this question, here are the three most important points that you should take into consideration: Continue reading

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